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This Website collects some Personal Data from its Users.
Personal data collected for the following purposes and using the following services:
Contact the user
Contatto via telefono Contact by telephone Personal Data: telephone number Mailing list o newsletter Personal Data: surname, date of birth, email, country, name, telephone number and province Contact form Personal Data: surname, email, name and telephone number
Interaction with live chat platforms
Facebook Messenger Customer Chat Facebook Messenger Customer Chat Personal Data: Cookies, Data communicated while using the service, Usage Data and About me
Remarketing and behavioral targeting
AdWords Remarketing, Facebook Remarketing and Remarketing with Google Analytics for display advertising Personal Data: Cookies and Usage Data Facebook Custom Audience Personal Data: Cookies and emails
Tag management
Google Tag Manager Cookies and Usage Data
SPAM protection
Google reCAPTCHA Personal Data: Cookies and Usage Data
Platform and hosting services Personal Data: various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the services
Viewing content from external platforms
Widget Google Maps Personal Data: Cookies and Usage Data
Display Advertisers Extension for Google Analytics, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Conversion Tracking and Google Ads Conversion Tracking Personal Data: Cookies and Usage Data User ID extension for Google Analytics Personal Data: Cookies

Further information on Personal Data
Automated decision-making processes

When a decision that can produce legal effects for the User or can affect his person in a similarly significant way is made exclusively with technological tools and without human intervention, there is an automated decision-making process. As part of the purposes described in this document, this Website may use the User's Personal Data to make decisions based entirely or partially on automated processes. This Site Web uses automated decision-making processes to the extent that it is necessary to conclude or execute a contract between the User and the Owner or, if required by law, with the consent given by the User. Automated decisions depend on technological tools provided by the Owner or by third parties and are generally based on algorithms that meet predefined criteria. The logic behind the automated decision-making processes aims to:

  1. enable or improve decision making
  2. guarantee Users fair and impartial treatment;
  3. reduce the potential harm resulting from human error, personal bias or other similar circumstances that could lead to discrimination or imbalances in the treatment of individuals;
  4. reduce the risk of the User breaching the obligations of a contract.
To obtain further information on the purposes, any third-party services and on the specific logic of the automated decision-making processes adopted by this Website, the User can refer to the respective sections of this document. Effects of automated decision-making processes and rights of Users subject to them Users subject to this type of processing may exercise specific rights aimed at preventing or limiting the potential effects of automated decision-making processes. In particular, Users have the right to: receive an explanation of each decision taken as a result of an automated decision-making process and express an opinion in this regard; contest the decision by asking the Data Controller to reconsider it or adopt a new decision on a different basis; request and obtain from the Owner a human intervention in the treatment. To obtain further information on rights of Users and on their exercise, the User can refer to the section of this document relating to Users' rights.
Sale of goods and services online

The Personal Data collected are used for the provision of services to the User or for the sale of products, including payment and possible delivery . The Personal Data collected to complete the payment may be those relating to the credit card, the current account used for the transfer or other payment instruments provided. The payment data collected by this website depend on the payment system used.

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